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Wandelnetwerk Noordholland App

The Wandelnetwerk noordholland App was released about 1 year ago in february 2015. Between the Apple Appstore and the Google Play Store, it has over 6500 downloads and that number is steadily increasing. The main purpose of the app is to be a companion of the Wandelnetwerk website. When using the route planner on the website you are given the option to download your route using a QR code. Using the built in QR reader, you can download and save your route in the app.


EyeOnWater App

EyeOnWater is the most complex app we have made to date. It required extensive customization and even native IOS programming. This made the app extremely hard to release. To release this app on both platforms we use two completely different build systems. Using two different build systems makes maintaining a huge pain. What might make things even worse is that this app will be converted to a multi app system which will shoot the complexity through the roof!


SeaMobile App

The SeamMobile app was created for the SeaMobile project. It's the most basic app that we currently have in the App stores. Even though it has a very nice map interface, most of its functionality is reading an API and transforming the data into something presentable to the end user.