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Feature Highlight: Openlayers 3 Layer Clipping

The SeamMobile app we created a few months ago had some stringent requirements regarding labels on the mapping tiles. This made it hard to use the tiles provided by OpenStreetMap. To meet the requirements, we generated new tiles using custom OpenStreetMap data on our servers. Using the custom data and styling we were able to cover Cyprus with our own tiles. There has been just one problem. The outline of the country did not match with the normal OSM styling. So we needed a way to make the two pieces fit seamlessly. To achieve this we used HTML5 clipping in the render function using a polygon of Cyprus as an outline.


Feature Highlight: Textscroller

The textscroller is a novel twist to the age old marquee. The marquee tag is an obsolete HTML tag which, when used to allow for text to scroll. We got a request from our client to show news on every page of his website. Also that the news would have to scroll from right to left and not take much space. Taking these requirements into consideration, we decided to create our own marque widget.


Feature Highlight: Treeview

Many web applications these days have to show a list of files, downloads or categories. The tried and tested method to do this is to use a treeview. To better understand how a treeview works we decided to create one from scratch. We started by making an empty jQuery plugin. After which we started to model de treeview into classes. Actually, just one class called Branch. The treeview always starts with a root branch and then recursively creates new branches based on its children.