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Daily Issues: Phonegap Build CLI 6.0.0

Last week we had received notice from the Google Play Store that one of our apps was using an outdated version of Cordova/Phonegap. And that that particular version of Cordova had a security vulnerability that needs to be patched. All that is required to patch our app is to update to a newer version of Cordova and it just so happened that same week a new version of Cordova was released. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, we thought so too. But after trying to update 3 of our apps to the newest version of Cordova we noticed that the build process was messing with the icons in the IOS build. At this time we still don't have a solution.


Experiments: Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations

It's long been a widely used practice to split search results into multiple pages. Splitting search results into multiple pages reduces the number of items one has to initially load and also reduce the number of items ever shown. Sometimes the 989th result is not what you're looking for. That's also why Google's search results are limited to 10 per page. This technique is called pagination. Pagination is the art of splitting the results into more manageable chunks. These chucks are called pages. The size of pages may vary, but the method in which they're used are the same. At the least you have next and previous links. Using these links you can traverse to the next page or previous page. For better user experience one could use infinite scrolling, which automatically loads the next page for the user. But this isn't really search engine friendly. So you have to add some meta tags and structure your page in such a way that the Googlebots can index it.


Feature Highlight: Camera 2 Canvas

When building a Cordova app one usually starts by looking at all the available plugins that help you meet your app requirements. Right off the bat you start by scouring the hundreds, if not thousands of NPM packages for the perfect fit. But suddenly you realize the that one important feature that you so desperately need hasn't been made yet by the community. And so it dawns on you that you will have to make it yourself. We found ourselves in just such a situation when we required a plugin to take the live camera feed and show it on an HTML5 canvas. That in itself is a hard task we also needed to process the feed in real time.